New Hours/Alpaca Socks Due Next Week

Our cabin will be open on Dec. 5th from 1pm – ? Another order of fabulous alpaca socks will arrive next week. Natural colors and jewel tones will be available.  The blue sold out before I could unpacked it last time I ordered it.

After Dec. 5th, the cabin hours will be by appointment only.

Want to knit? Want to learn about fibers or loom weaving? All of that will still be available on Saturdays if scheduled in advance.

Call to see when the Knitters meet next and come join us.


Clearance Days Ahead

The Yarn Barn will discontinue all commercial inventory by the end of the year. All remaining yarns, needles and accessories will be sold at a deep discount.

Store hours will be limited and will be announced soon.

The cabin will remain as a studio where I will continue to work on my fiber loves. I will be happy to offer help or lessons to other fiber enthusiasts who wish to stop in.




Brief Update

Hayfields are in an explosion of emerald green which is a sign of healthy hay to come.

Alpaca shearing has begun. Our shearing schedule is booked for 2015 now.

Our KAL (knit-a-long)is about to wrap up. I will post photos of the project and the fun ladies who are participating.

If you are interested in joining in on our next KAL, reply here or contact me directly. 724-561-5238

Don’t want to knit or crochet? Ask me about triloom weaving. It’s easy and fun!



Shop Local

Our feeds are locally source and milled for us specifically. We make a mill run weekly so you can order anytime.

Chicken feed, alpaca/llama feed and any other livestock feed is available.

We will have square hay bales available soon!  Subscribe to our page or check here often. We will post our cutting times so you can save money by picking up in the field.

Fresh Eggs Available Now

After recovering from the loss of most of our flock due to wandering dogs, our hens are now producing brown and green eggs at almost one dozen eggs daily. They are available for $3 a dozen.

In case you haven’t heard the latest and greatest news about using fresh eggs as hard boiled eggs, here it is. STEAM them. That’s right. Wash the eggs and put them in your steamer. After 20 minutes, plunge them straight into ICE WATER until they are barely warm to touch. Roll them on a surface with your hand to crack the shell and they should peel clean and easy.

Now you can use fresh eggs immediately without waiting weeks because of the difficulty in peeling them. Try it! You’ll never boil an egg again!!