Our New Knit/Crochet Instructor

We are so happy to introduce Mrs. Charlene Gill from New Castle, PA as our knitting and crocheting instructor.

She usually spends her Saturdays with me in The Yarn Barn, working on her own projects. Before starting your classes, Charlene can advise you on a pattern or project to suit your skill level and help you with your materials purchase prior to class. More details here.

I asked Charlene to write up a short bio for herself and this is her story:

“My mother taught me to knit when I was 8 years old. I learned to knit and purl. Then my mother said now you can make whatever you want because all of knitting is a combination of those two stitches. Generally speaking, that is true. However there are techniques to be learned.
I have taught individuals to knit throughout my life and I have just recently begun teaching classes.
I taught a class of 7 knitters and 4 crocheters at Challenges, Area Agency on Aging, last Spring. My students have made cowls & scarves, hats, leg warmers, sweaters, baby blankets, shawls and wraps.
I also crochet and have been doing so for about 25-30 years. I enjoy crochet and haven’t yet met a pattern I could not do.”

Feel free to join us on Saturdays. Bring your own lunch if you want to make a day of it!

Heirloom Yarn for Your Special Project

Last winter, I spent 3 months hand carding and spinning an entire alpaca blanket fleece.  The result was a large hank of over 1200 yards of a single fingering weight yarn.  I have a pattern in mind for it but I may not be able to get to it so I want to offer it for sale.

The price tag may make you *gasp* however it still does not reflect my time to make it or the cost of caring for the alpaca for the year it took to produce the fiber.

This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime purchase for someone who wants to create an heirloom item. I had a Spring/Summer bride in mind for my project.

$300 with free shipping anywhere.

The blue yarn is for reference only. It is 220 yds of fingering weight and is not for sale.

1200 yds vs 220 yds



What’s New This Week

I have skeined up some of my latest handspun yarn which are ready to sell. The merino in Police box blue is chunky weight (150 yds) and I have some kid mohair and silk blends. These will be available for purchase this Saturday in The Yarn Barn.

Winter alpaca socks are starting to disappear from the shop so if you want some for the holidays, you should get them now and order the sizes that you need so I can get them in before they are back ordered.

We still have straw bales available for $5 a bale. Great for landscaping, fall decorations and hay rides.

We now have square hay bales available as well. Prices vary so contact us.


Need a Mexican Dessert Idea?

Whenever we ‘put up hay’, it spans several days and usually requires the assistance of several friends and neighbors. On the last evening of work, I usually make everyone dinner. Last night, I made one of my easy but yummy Taco Bakes but I wanted to make a light dessert also.

I found this recipe on my Facebook feed last week and decided to give it a try. I’m a big fan of Fried Ice Cream if it’s done well but lately I haven’t found any I would have again. This ice cream cake recipe has earned a spot in my recipe binder!

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Unless our guests were just happy to be done with hay, they seemed to like it too.

Have a great holiday weekend… be safe!